My Weekend Field Trip!


It’s not often that I have an opportunity to go on a field trip on a weekend. Weekends are the worst time to get someone like me to go to work on a weekend. It disrupted my natural week-flow and left me with a less than fulfilling feeling.

I was greeted by a banging alarm at 7 am instead of a loud ‘nothing’ on a regular weekend. I am so accustomed to waking at 11 am; it’s heartbreaking to miss my time 2 weeks in a row. I got up as tired as a koala, rolling from my bed to the sink. I brushed as fast as a flash this morning in my hurry to get fresh and ready for my ride at 7:30 am. At record speed I skipped through the house; ate, took a bath and got ready with 5 minutes to spare.

These were the longest 5 minutes of my life. I sat still, with long beads of sweat rolling from forehead to chin. I barely heard the honking of the horn outside and quickly shuffled out. I was greeted with a smile and a tall and well dressed chauffeur. I hopped in and began my ride.

I then remembered my phone was left in the house. Bored as hell I moved off in the sharp red Prado. I spied everything in the car from the new key chain to the almost completely worn off label with ‘Limo Calgary’ the only 2 visible words. I was very happy that the driver sped along the highway at great pace because I couldn’t handle the boredom and uneasiness.

I reached the construction site of the factory and was given the helmet. It was great to put on the engineer look. Sadly, I had no camera to capture this defining selfie. We pranced around the site listening to tedious explanation that range from what’s the net step to how things work. This was exactly the reason I slept through most of my science class. The tour of the facility took 2 hours!

I then hopped back onto the ride and sat through the journey contemplating. What did I contemplate? I was trying to decide if I was just tired or half dead. I soon fell asleep. With a tap on my shoulder I woke up in front my home.

I slowly crawled towards my door and suddenly I was alive again. I rushed to my phone and glanced all the fun that I missed with my friends that day on social media. Never will I allow my weekend to be wasted like this again!tired puppy