Should you learn a new language?

Hola! Bonjour! We have all been interested at some point in our life in learning a new language. For me, I had always wanted to learn Chinese or Spanish. This was due to the letters looking cool on tattoos. Of course there are much more genuine benefits than being able to draw tattoos. What are they?language

  1. It improves memory

Learning a foreign language has been found to improve the memories of human beings. According to a recent study, multilingual humans find it easier to memorize lists, songs, names and directions when compared to other individuals.

  1. It increases self confidence

People who know a second language are usually more confident than people who don’t. These individuals feel a sense of achievement from having knowledge about communication in a different language. Mastering a language helps develop all the faculties of your brain and you naturally feel as if you have accomplished something difficult.

  1. People tend to approach bilingual/multilingual people more

People who are bilingual are more open than the average person. People find their wit and openness attractive and are drawn to their confidence. Also, their ability to speak more than one language opens a door to accessing more people.

  1. Career opportunities

Being able to communicate in multiple languages provide opportunities for jobs that require communication it multiple language e.g. Translators, Customer Service Representatives and Interpreters.

  1. It opens your mind

Knowing a different language helps us to adapt better to other cultures, races and lifestyles. This in turn helps us see the world from a different perspective. We are able to appreciate differences and learn to adapt better.

  1. Doesn’t hurt with the ladies 😉

Studies have shown that men who know a second language appear smarter and more attractive to potential mates. In fact research has shown that an analysis of women from 8 countries have shown that there is a tendency for women to gravitate towards men with the ability to speak in 2 or more languages.  Ladies, don’t lose hope, men are also attracted to bilingual women; but to a much lesser extent.

That summarizes some of the major benefits of being bilingual. It’s also easier now than ever with so many app and sites that you can learn from. Why not join the party? Learn another language and be hearty!